Stress-free timekeeping.

TimeSparrow lets you focus on clients, not time.

Time Entry for Everyone, from Anywhere

Manual entry
Employees at their desks often prefer the tried and true method.
Record time as you work. Create a timer for each matter you work on, and start and stop your timers as your day progresses.
We'll create a private TimeSparrow email address just for you. BCC it on your emails, and we'll create a time entry reminder.
Text messaging
Enter time from the road by sending a text message to TimeSparrow.
Amazon Alexa
If you have an Amazon Alexa device, entering time couldn't be easier. Just tell Alexa what you worked on, and we'll save it to your time entries.
Scheduled Phone Calls
TimeSparrow can call you every day at the time you choose. Just pick up the phone and tell TimeSparrow what you did, and we'll save a high-quality transcription for you on the correct date.

Never Forget a Time Entry

Colleague Reminders

Clients hate it when your employees bill different amounts of time for the same event. You hate it when employees forget to enter time. TimeSparrow solves both problems with Colleague Reminders.

Step 1: Todd records his time, and tags his colleague, Alyssa.

Todd types:
Step 2: TimeSparrow creates a Reminder for Alyssa.

Alyssa sees:

Court Filing Reminders

Never forget about a pleading that you worked on or reviewed. TimeSparrow integrates with DocketBird, so filings in your federal cases will automatically generate Reminders on TimeSparrow.

We Make it Easy to Switch

Regardless of what time entry system you're using now, we make it easy to switch to TimeSparrow. When you subscribe, we'll import all your existing time entries to TimeSparrow at no additional cost.

Pricing to Fit Any Firm's Budget

Our pricing is competitive with other leading time tracking applications. Unlike many of our competitors, though, we do not charge setup fees, maintenance fees, or any other hidden fees. We also offer volume discounts for 10 users or more.

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